Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Cautious Blogger

iPod morning commute music: N/A...I was exhausted, so I slept all the way in.

Two days ago, I spent quite a bit of time writing a blog, only to be unable to post it. Finally, the damn thing timed out, and I couldn't recover it. So this will be a short post.

The textbook I chose to use this year came with free software that was to enable me to create online activities for the students to use. Cool, I thought. Unfortunately, the program is so limited (it's a 'Light' version of the full program they want me to buy) that I can't really utilize it, which has me pretty ticked off. I'm in the middle of trying to solve the problem, dealing with both the software company and the publisher (who's sales rep wasn't aware of the severe limitations of the program). We'll see what happens.

On Sunday, my friend John popped over from Kobe on his motorcycle, and hour and a half journey on a cold and, around my house, rainy day. Being British, the first thing he asked for was tea. We had a good, but short, visit. I first met John at the 2005 JALT Conference, where they were selling some mean Margarettas. He, Brendon (who first turned me onto this blog site) and I drank our fair share between presentations. This year, met up again at JALT, and had a particularly good time at a publishers' dinner.

My son just wrote to let me know that Thanksgiving is a paid holiday for him (the grocery store he's working in is close that day). Lucky kid.

Let's see if this posts.

OK, it didn't. Let's try again.


Anonymous said...

Craig, I keep logging in and see just the cautious blogger. Now there is cautious and cautious. No more music forthcoming? the upcoming trip too pressing? a loyal reader needs his Craig sustenance.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Where are the insights on the Ghost of Tom Joab, the appreciative homages to the opening bars to the Byrd's Mr Tamborine Man, the fact that the Byrds didnt play on Mr Tamborine Man, the nod to new music like Coldplay's A Rush of Blood to the Head? Plus it doesnt need to be said that His Bobness's radio shows are being aired on BBC Radio 2 over Christmas with the listen again function meaning that we can all enjoy Bob calling in to his own show and chastising himself for the lack of new music and the presence of so much old music. Bob's response? ' well there's a lot more of it.'

Anonymous said...

Me too. Where is Craig's blog? how the hell can I get through my day of dodging people sneezing over me on trains or dislodging my shoe by stepping on the back of it in an attempt to get on the bus before me even though Id been waiting there a full ten minutes before anyone else. I mean I ask you! Oh the humanity!