Thursday, January 19, 2006

I Find I have a Collectable

iPod morning commute music: The Long Ryders, Anthology, disc 1 (1998)
The Long Ryders is a band most people haven't heard of. I read about them in the All Music Guide a couple of years ago and decided I had to get this album. They were a punk country band out of LA, heavily influenced by Gram Parsons. They were only around for a short time, formed in 1981 and disbanded in '87. Unfortunately, the CD was/is no longer available. I gave up. A couple of weeks later I was in the Osaka/Umeda Tower Records thumbing through the bargain bins and there it was, brand new and dirt cheap! I couldn't believe my luck. When I got to my car at the station, I put it on and was amazed at how good these guys were, and how original.

As I was preparing to write this I decided to check if it's been reissued, so I checked out amazon. Not only hasn't it been reissued, it's now considered a collectable, selling for almost $100 as such! I probably paid about $10. I didn't even realize CDs could become collectables. This has me wondering if I have any other collectables in my collection, and how to find out. Any ideas?

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Naoko said...

Hi, Craig.
Things have been difficult so far about my business. But I'll keep trying my best. Ami gives me a lot of energy!