Monday, January 30, 2006

Summertime Blues

iPod morning commute music: The Who, Live at Leeds, Delux Edition, disc 1 (2001)
I bought the original album, with only 6 tracks, back in high school. This edition includes the entire concert, 33 songs, with disc 2 being the entire Tommy rock opera. This is classic stuff, and if you love rock and roll you should own this. I chose to listen to disc 1 this morning as it included their great take of Summertime Blues.

I got really bad news at last Thursday's teachers' meeting. Basically, I'm losing almost all of my 'summer vacation' (please note that in Japan, our teaching contract is for the whole year, and the school is perfectly within its contractual rights to do this). I have to be available through the end of July for packing up the old school in preparation for the move, which could be scheduled from as early as August 10th, the day we take possession of the new school.

Kaoru and I are canceling our trip to the States this summer. Alisa will still fly to Seattle in July, and will attend the Global Young Leaders Conference in Washington DC and New York City from July 30th through August 10th. Tatsu will probably fly over at the beginning of September to get ready to attend university.

Since I will be unable to return home, I'll probably escort students to Australia again this summer. I've already talked to the head of my school about going home in the summer of 2007, and there should be no problem.

Anyway, as disappointing as it is not to be returning this summer, I'll look forward to seeing everyone in 2007.

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