Thursday, December 08, 2005

I Know...Another Country Heard From

iPod morning commute music: Jimi Hendrix, Electric Ladyland (1968)

Not much to say about Jimi's third album, other than it is superb. I remember I went to junior high summer church camp in 1969, and the guy in charge of recreation, an actual hippie, had the British version with all the naked women on the cover. I had just finished 9th grade, and I had already bought Axis: Bold as Love. This was something else! Now, it's the long, jazzy, spacy pieces that attract me: 1983 (A Mermaid Should I Turn to Be), Still Raining Still Dreaming, though the rockers still rock, Crosstown Traffic, Come On (Pt. 1). Psychedelic music at its best. Shockingly relevant and fresh almost 40 years on.

I'm posting (finally) at night from home. Test week is just so damn busy, and the computers at work are in constant demand. I tried to mark 200 9th grade tests today, but couldn't finish today. After 20 years of marking tests, I'm a pro, really fast and accurate, but I'll have to finish up tomorrow morning. I'll be getting 10th grade tests to mark tomorrow, but only 2 half classes, less than 40 total. On Saturday, I give the seniors their final test before graduating, and will get just under 80 to mark (4 half classes). At the junior high level we teach full classes, which is why I have so many to mark. The boring side of teaching.

I've been working on blog poem #2, but it's still not ready to post. I forget how hard it is to write poetry, even bad poetry, until I attempt it during test weeks (something to do while proctoring). Hopefully I'll get it posted tomorrow.

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