Monday, March 20, 2006

Closing Ceremonies

iPod morning commute music: The Byrds, Box Set, disc 3 (1990)

Same view as my last post, on disc 1 (I listened to disc 2 on the way home that night). Great music by a great band.

Yesterday (Sunday) saw some welcomed resolution to a family problem. Having talked to both my brother and my parents, and think everyone concerned feels better. Without going into detail, the problem centered on whether my son should enter university or take some time off and work. A major problem is that he may not be able to enter as a state resident, and financial aid turned out to be unavailable. While we're still not sure which way things will turn out, we now feel that whatever happens will be okay in the long run.

We had our closing ceremonies for the students today. For most, the school year is at an end. A few students need to take make-up tests later this week, and I'll have to come in for one last meeting on Wednesday (tomorrow is a national holiday), but it feels like closure. Wednesday I'll need to clean my desk and pack things up in boxes as I'll be moved to a new section of the teachers` room.

I also finished up the handbook for English Communication teachers at our school. It's basically 10 pages of stuff you need to know to do well at this job. I hope it will be helpful.

Kaoru is on the second day of a three-day conference on Japanese teaching at her school. She says its very useful, but I know how tiring 6 hours of workshops can be.

Finally, tonight I'm going out for dinner at the Chinese restaurant I went to in, I think, February: about $25 for all you can eat and drink in a 2-hour time period. Not a good way to lose weight

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