Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Wednesday Already!

iPod morning commute music: Steely Dan, Citizen Steely Dan, disc 2 (1993)
Steely Dan was one of the great bands of the '70s, but I didn't have any of their CDs in my collection at the time this box set was released. Basically, this set is just everything they every recorded in chronological order, which means if you own any of their music already, you would never want to buy this. For me, however, it was a perfect purchase, and another example of music Tatsu put on my iPod when he reprogrammed it.

Not much to report. I've only got three classes left before final exams start (and this is the end of the Japanese school year, which runs from April through March as I'm sure anyone reading this already knows). It's time to shift thinking to next year, i.e. April, and start really looking at how I want to stream my lessons to meet the needs of the ability grouped students. Of course, the end of year paperwork will be a pain, but I won't really need to think about that until after the exams finish next week. Oh, yeah, the Junior High Graduation is something else coming up, but again not till the middle of the month.

I do have some decisions to make about increasing my involvement with Democrats Abroad Japan on a national level, but I'm taking a low-keyed approach on that one. They're looking for a National Chairperson for Voter Registration (I'm the regional chairperson for voter registration here in the Kansai). I'm just not sure what extra responsibilities go with the position, so it's wait and see the job description. It is nice to know, however, that our regional chairperson thinks I might be a good candidate for the position.


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