Monday, November 28, 2005

Back Home Again

iPod morning commute music: Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 disc 4 (1992)

Yesterday, I suddenly had the urge to play my son Edwin Starr's classic song, War. I knew I had it somewhere, and found it on this greatest hits box set. I always liked Motown growing up. In fact, for a while I thought girls liked the Beatles, so I should like a girl group (I picked the Supremes). I quickly realized it was OK to like both. The surprise is how good some groups hold up that I disliked at the time, such as The Jackson Five (ABC is just so sing-able!). All of this is music I grew up with, and realized yesterday that I haven't played it for awhile. Great stuff.

Tokyo was fine, but tiring. My student couldn't advance into the final contest, but she enjoyed the experience. I saw my Aussie friend Brad for the first time in four years (since the last time my student went to the regionals), and had a fine time over wine and food. I was going to meet another friend, Ian, on Saturday, but was just too shattered to manage it. I did get some good news Saturday night when I learned another of my 9th grade students won 1st place in an Osaka speech contest.

I got home yesterday (Sunday) at around 3:30 pm. Tatsu and I watched the 2nd DVD from the Springsteen box, Wings for Wheels: The Making of Born to Run. Fascinating stuff. And now I'm back at work, not too far behind, and ready to make the final push of the term.

Had a funny discussion with my co-worker, Bob, concerning typing. I was writing up some guidelines for my students as they write the final drafts of their essays, and told them to please put two spaces at the end of sentences, while only one between words, after commas, etc. Bob said he never puts two spaces at the end of a sentence, only one, and then proceeded to point out that most books only use one space. I knew I was taught two spaces, but actually went on line to check. I was right, but have the rules changed? Is one space OK now?

Such are the important, philosophical questions that swirl about my head.

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