Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Japanese Labor Thanksgiving Holiday

No morning commute, since we're on holiday here, but yesterday the 30th Anniversary Edition of Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run arrived. The remastered sound on the CD is obvious; everything sounds up front, crisp and clear. Tatsu and I watched the first DVD, Springsteen's first concert in Great Britain, in London at the Hammersmith Odeon, 1975. The band was great, Springsteen's vocals great, but I was disappointed in his performance. When I saw them at the Paramount Theater in Seattle that same year, Springsteen was all over the place, rolling on the floor, climbing up and jumping off speakers. The same when I saw him in the Seattle Arena around Christmas, '78 (the concert where he came back out AFTER the house lights came on and played two extra songs for those of us, myself included, who hadn't given up and gone home). Regardless, it was a great show, and I've read that Bruce and the band were pretty nervous given the nasty attitude the British press (and fans...let's not forget the Bob Dylan/Judas incident) can sometimes have. I haven't seen the second DVD on the making of Born to Run yet, but will watch it this afternoon after I get the turkey in the oven.

Kaoru did go into work for an in-service training day (she'll get next Tuesday off, as well as Monday, giving her and the kids a 4-day weekend), so I taught Alisa how to make a pumpkin pie, always one of my jobs, along with the stuffed turkey...Kaoru doesn't want to touch the bird, and for some reason there's a myth around here that I'm good at baking pies. I'll try to get Alisa and Tatsu to help me with the bird as well.

Kaoru's ankle is OK, just sprained, and now properly wrapped after a visit to the doctor yesterday.

Big news...Alisa was nominated by one of her teachers to participate, as a representative from Japan, in one of the Global Young Leaders Conferences held in Washington DC and New York City for 12 days this summer. The cost is something I don't want to think about, but this is an honor, and an opportunity of a lifetime, so we'll make it happen. Sometimes, when I think back on the kind of student I was at 15, I can't help but be amazed that my kids have turned out as well as they have. Must be Kaoru's genes....

Happy Thanksgiving, to all of you in Japan.


sasCheshirecat said...

Your forget, Craig, how many of us knew you "when." I remember you as both intelligent and talented. I also remember that you were fairly busy wasting those talents with some of your extra-curricular activities, so to speak. That, however, does not negate the positive qualities you possessed. Perhaps, Kaoru's own good genes which, I'm sure combine not only intelligence but humor and perspective, serve to temper those "rebellious" genes your children might have inherited.

However, you'd better hope that the "mother's curse" doesn't work in your case, as I'm sure that your parents both thought at times during your teen years, "if this kid survives to adulthood...I hope he has a kid just like him someday!"


craiginjapan said...

Yes, I'm lucky that the "mother's curse" doesn't apply. I think the time we came of age really dictated a lot of our behavior, both good and bad. The late '60s/early '70s was one helluva time to be alive. I read somewhere once that the high school class of 1972 was the last real group to have been strongly influenced by the '60s.

All that said and done, however, I'm glad my children grew up in these times, and in this country, and going to an international school. All of this makes a difference.