Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Blarney Stone's (Osaka) 3rd Anniversary

iPod morning commute music: The Buddy Holly Collection, disc 1 (1993)

This is great rock 'n' roll. Buddy Holly has to be, deserves to be, listened to. His music is timeless, his genius undeniable. There was a point in my life where I'd heard the various covers that I just needed to hear the originals. Fortunately, this double CD exists. Brilliant stuff. Rave on!

Tonight, The Blarney Stone Irish Pub celebrates it 3rd anniversary. Back in its first year, I threw myself (selfish, I know) a 20-years-in-Japan party there. Bob K., my late friend, egged everyone into buying my more beers than anyone should drink. Fortunately, I had arranged for my wife to pick me up at the station that night. And that was really only my second or third time in the pub; I usually drank in the Umeda Pig and Whistle, now closed, and to this day don't know why I chose the Blarney over the Pig for that party.

Now the Blarney has become an important meeting place in my life. Democrats Abroad Japan-Kansai holds both its monthly meetings and movie nights there. Book publishers hold events there (free beer!); Macmillan will be there tonight. And my co-worker, Martyn N., will be part of the Irish band playing there tonight.

So I guess I'll be dropping in myself after the teachers' meeting finishes. It's on the way home, I know the band, and the beer will be free. Life doesn't get much better than that.

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