Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Midterm Reflections

iPod morning commute music: Brian Eno, Another Day on Earth (2005)

After getting all hyped about Paul Simon's new album (see yesterday's post) with Brian Eno a major contributor, I decided to check out this disc. It's OK. Eno's moving away from ambiance: these songs have lyrics and form. But they just aren't as substantial as those on Simon's Surprise. Nothing grabbed me. He last worked this territory in 1975's Another Green World. If you're interested in Eno, I start off with that.

Busy days at work. Next week, midterm tests start, which will be good; I'll be on basically a half day schedule for a few days. Maybe I can get a bit ahead of things. One positive is that I like the new textbooks that I chose for 7th and 10th grade classes. Both seem to be working well for the students, and I like the challenge of working with new materials. Sometimes, teachers (myself included) get so used to a book that we can teach it on auto pilot. It's nice to change, to look again at the needs of the students. When it works, it feels great.

The reality of heading back to the States is beginning to slip in. I'm contacting people, and their contacting me. My friend, Nan, wrote that it was good I was coming back because I "need a break." The understatement of the year! It will be great to see her, and my all my other family and friends again.

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