Friday, May 19, 2006

Once a Fool, Always a Fool

iPod morning commute music: Buddy Holly, The Buddy Holly Collection, disc 2 (1993)

I ended yesterday's comments about disc one with a big, "Rave on!" Unfortunately, Rave On isn't on disc 1, so I just had to listen to disc 2 today. Everything I wrote about disc 1 remains true for disc 2. Except disc 2 has Rave On. As Stan Lee would say, 'Nuff said.

Last night I went to the Blarney Stone for my free beer and to meet with one of the authors of a new textbook I'm using. I get there and immediately run into an old friend, Robert H., who used to work for one publisher but who switched over to Macmillan several years ago. We started talking about the book I'm using in junior high, and he asks me a question about one of the components, a mini dictionary of sorts. I haven't used it, and said why, and offered my ideas for improvement. Robert then tells me the publisher will be coming into the pub in a few minutes, and would I pass on my comments to her.

So in she comes, and I get introduced. We start talking, and I broach the subject of the textbook when my mind blanks on the title of the damn book. All I can remember is blahblahblahStarter. The publisher (a really attractive woman dressed fine and smiling and looking right at me) was waiting for my incisive comments, so I blurted out the title, "Get Ready Starter", and she just looks at me. There is no such book. "You mean, Get Real! Starter" Euan, our local rep, helpfully corrects me.

I did. I blamed it on the beer. I blathered on. The expert. Can't even remember what book he uses.

Once a fool, always a fool.


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