Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Another Hump Day Almost Done

iPod morning commute music: Pearl Jam, Pearl Jam (2006)

I remember the first time I heard Pearl Jam's debut album, 10; I thought I was hearing Jim Morrison reincarnated. Smart, somewhat subversive music, grunge with hooks, Jeremy...I loved it! I bought the next few CD's, but somehow I lost my taste for them. I know this makes me sound lazy, but they became sort of challenging to listen to; I had to be 'in the mood'. This CD, however, puts me in the mood. Some of the songs feel like rock anthems, and the band is pissed off again (a good thing), not at Ticketmaster, but at Dubya, at the war, at the state of America in 2006. This album rocks, and for some reason I felt like rocking this morning. And it felt good.

It was good to have Tatsu back home from Thailand. He looked tanned and fit, and was in a pretty good mood (for a teenager!). He brought back souvenirs for everyone. Kaoru got a really nice scarf (I think; a beautiful piece of cloth), Alisa some jewelry, and I got 4 DVD's: Sin City, Munich, Backbreak Mountain and Pride and Prejudice. I hope they play OK on our system.

My lessons today went very well, but the humidity is trying its best to drag me down. Summer in Japan just sucks, and summer has only now begun! I'm really really really looking forward to getting back to Seattle for a three week vacation.

And now, back to work.

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