Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Just Another Tuesday

iPod morning commute music: Moby Grape, Moby Grape (1967)

This is one of the best albums to come out of the San Francisco psychedelic music scene in the late '60s. What I like about it is the three guitars and the harmony vocals. It's happy music, and interesting. It also holds up well almost 40 years down the road. It was their first, and best album (the band had all sorts of bad luck), but it would probably be good to invest in a greatest hits album as well.

Nothing much new or exciting today. My main goal is to begin work on my final exams (which I should be doing now) and get my study guides printed up. The hot, humid weather here is beating us foreigners down (Japanese people seem to adjust much better than we do, or they just don't bitch and moan as much).

I'm trying to start setting up dinners for when Kaoru, Tatsu and Alisa are in the States (from July 4th). I join them on the 22nd, so for 18 days I have to fend for myself for meals. I figure I may as well try to meet friends for at least a few of the dinners. The problem is trying to be good with my diet during this time period.

It looks like I have to put exercise back into my life if I want to continue weight loss. I've been pretty level the last couple of weeks, not a good thing. Last night, Kaoru and I took a 25 minute walk after dinner, not much but a start. I'm actually a better walker than Kaoru, mainly due to my commute, walking to, through and from stations, up and down stairs, etc.

Tonight I need to fend for myself for dinner, so I'll probably eat out before going home. NOT good for the diet, but if I can refrain from alcohol I should be OK.

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