Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Soccer Sadness

iPod morning commute music: Stephen Stills, Manassas (1972)

I picked up this CD at Christmas, and I believe I've written about it once before. I owned the original double album back in '72, the year I graduated from high school. This is easily Stills' best 'solo' album (Manassas was the name of his band), and holds its own 34 years down the road.

Japan played Australia in World Cup action last night. After leading one nil for the bulk of the game, Japan gave up three unanswered goals in the last six minutes. It was total meltdown. My 16 year old daughter, Alisa, was most affected by the loss. She really identifies with her Japanese side, and was angry with me when I said the game was embarrassing. Afterwards, the USA team 'played' the Czech team (a game that I, mercifully, didn't see as it started after midnight), losing 3-0 in an ugly fashion, according to the news accounts.

This is a strange week. Tomorrow (Wednesday), our high school has its Sports Day; I'm one of two teachers in charge of the students keeping score. Then on Friday Tatsu graduates from high school. The ceremony starts at 6:45 pm, but there is a reception for the grads and their families from 5:30. After the ceremony, my family will join a few others for a party in Umeda.

It seems surreal that Tatsu could have grown up so quickly, and these days I think both Kaoru and I are slipping into memories of his childhood. I guess there is just a point where you have to concede he's grown up and no longer a child, but I haven't quite gotten there yet. It is still hard to imagine my house without my son around. After 18 years, you just sort of get used to having him around.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Craig, Anonymous Ian here. Love that Stills album too. Memories of summer a loooong time ago and Steve in good voice in front of a cracking band. Terrible Japan Australia match it has to be said. Dreadful defensive play by Japan and to let three goals through in six minutes! good grief Charlie Brown. Too cocky by half before the game apart from Nakata. Not much Samurai Blue Joyousness the next day either and Lawson sales must be down on the tie ins. Mind you dont get me started on how England played...